Lists of the US states and their populations

Today, were are going to reveal a little story about United state of America as you know that this site based history and world fact.


U.S.A is a very large national that was founded by George Washington in 1776, after his victory in the American revolutionary war in the nineteen century.

United state was called "United Colonies" before the colonization from British and now it has gained the world most dominant economy and military power.

The United States of America is now 245 years old to date and it has 23 countries with approximately 371,107,709 in population.

How many states are the United States of America?

There are 50 states is United States of America and the name states, Capital and popular will be listed below.

1. Alabama: Population=4,447,100. Capital=Montgomery. Nickname of the state=Yellowhammer State; The Cotton State; The Heart of Dixie.

2. Alaska: Population=626,932. Capital=Juneau. Nickname of the state=The Last Frontier or Land of the Midnight Sun.

3. Arizona: Population=5,130,632. Capital=Phoenix. Nickname of the state=Grand Canyon State.


4. Arkansas: Population=2,673,400. Capital=Little Rock. Nickname of the state=The Natural State.

5. California: Population=33,871,648. Capital=Sacramento. Nickname of the state= Golden State.

6. Colorado: Population=4,301,261. Capital=Denver. Nickname of the state=Centennial State.

7. Connecticut: Population=3,405,565. Capital=Hartford. Nickname of the state=Constitution State; Nutmeg State.

8. Delaware: Population=783,600. Capital=Dover. Nickname of the state
Diamond State; First State; Small Wonder.

9. Florida: Population=15,982,378. Capital=Tallahassee. Nickname of the state=Sunshine State.

10. Georgia: Population=8,186,453 Capital=Atlanta.Nickname of the state=
Peach State; Empire State of the South.

11. Hawaii: Population=1,211,537. Capital=Honolulu. Nickname of the state=Aloha State.

12. Idaho: Population=1,293,953. Capital=Boise. Nickname of the state=Gem State.

13. Illinois: Population=12,419,293. Capital=Springfield. Nickname of the state Prairie State.

14. Indiana: Population=6,080,485. Capital=Indianapolis. Nickname of the state=Hoosier State.

15. Iowa: Population=2,926,324. Capital=Des Moines. Nickname of the state=Hawkeye State.

16. Kansas: Population=2,688,418. Capital=Topeka. Nickname of the state=Sunflower State; Jayhawk State.

17. Kentucky: Population=4,041,769. Capital=Frankfort. Nickname of the state=Bluegrass State.

18. Louisiana: Population=4,468,976. Capital=Baton Rouge. Nickname of the state=Pelican State.

19. Maine: Population=1,274,923. Capital=Augusta. Nickname of the state=Pine Tree State.

20. Maryland: Population=5,296,486. Capital=Annapolis. Nickname of the state=Free State; Old Line State.

21. Massachusetts: Population=6,349,097. Capital=Boston. Nickname of the state=Bay State; Old Colony State.

22. Michigan: Population=9,938,444. Capital=Lansing. Nickname of the state Wolverine State; Great Lakes State.

23. Minnesota: Population=4,919,479. Capital=St. Paul. Nickname of the state=North Star State; Gopher State; Land of 10,000 Lakes.

24. Mississippi: Population=2,844,658. Capital=Jackson. Nickname of the state=Magnolia State.

25. Missouri: Population=5,595,211. Capital=Jefferson City. Nickname of the state=Show-me State.

26. Montana: Population=902,195. Capital=Helena. Nickname of the state=Treasure State.

27. Nebraska: Population=1,711,263. Capital=Lincoln. Nickname of the state=Cornhusker State; Beef State.

28. Nevada: Population=1,998,257. Capital=Carson City. Nickname of the state=Sagebrush State; Silver State; Battle Born State.

29. New Hampshire: Population=1,235,786. Capital=Concord. Nickname of the stateGranite State.

30. New Jersey: Population=8,414,350. Capital=Trenton. Nickname of the state=Garden State.

31. New Mexico: Population=1,819,046. Capital= Santa Fe. Nickname of the state=Land of Enchantment.

32. New York: Population=18,976,457. Capital=Albany. Nickname of the state=Empire State.

33. North Carolina: Population=8,049,313. Capital=Raleig. Nickname of the state=Tar Heel State.

34. North Dakota: Population=642,200. Capital=Bismarck. Nickname of the state=Sioux State; Flickertail State; Peace Garden State; Rough Rider State.

35. Ohio: Population=11,353,140. Capital=Columbus. Nickname of the state=Buckeye State.

36. Oklahoma: Population=3,450,654. Capital=Oklahoma City. Nickname of the state=Sooner State.

37. Oregon: Population=3,421,399. Capital=Salem. Nickname of the state=Beaver State.

38. Pennsylvania: Population=12,281,054. Capital=Harrisburg. Nickname of the state=Keystone State.

39. Rhode Island: Population=1,048,319. Capital=Providence. Nickname of the state=The Ocean State.

40. South Carolina: Population=4,012,012. Capital=Columbia. Nickname of the state=Palmetto State.

41. South Dakota: Population=754,844. Capital=Pierre. Nickname of the state=Mount Rushmore State; Coyote State.

42. Tennessee: Population=5,689,283. Capital=Nashville. Nickname of the state=Volunteer State.

43. Texas: Population=20,851,820. Capital=Austin. Nickname of the state=Lone Star State.

44. Utah: Population=2,233,169. Capital=Salt Lake City. Nickname of the state=Beehive State.

45. Vermont: Population=608,827. Capital=Montpelier. Nickname of the state=Green Mountain State.

46. Virginia: Population=7,078,515. Capital=Richmond. Nickname of the state=The Old Dominion; Mother of Presidents.

47. Washington: Population=5,894,121. Capital=Olympia. Nickname of the state=Evergreen State.

48. West Virginia: Population=1,808,344. Capital=Charleston. Nickname of the state=Mountain State.

49. Wisconsin: Population=5,363,675. Capital=Madison. Nickname of the state=Badger State.

50. Wyoming: Population=493,782. Capital=Cheyenne. Nickname of the state=Equality State.


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